Manual Cash Drawer M-913

Manual Cash Drawer M-913
Manual Cash Drawer M-913 Manual Cash Drawer M-913
Código Producto: Manual Cash Drawer M-913
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Manual Cash Drawer
Model: M-913
Dimensions: 420(W)x 420(L)x91(H) mm.
16.5"(W)x16 .5"(L)x3.6"(H)
Taiwan Patent-- 234121
USA Patent-- 7004386

* One-Piece body construction
* All-Steel material
* No-Screw construction
* Non-Computer
* Non-Electric
* Removable Bill Tray: Max 5
* Removable Coin Tray: 5/9 adjustable coin compartments coin tray can be removed separately from the bill tray.
* Fixed cash tray: 4/5 coin adjustable compartments and 4/5 bill adjustable compartments.
* Media slot for non-cash or large-bill transaction
* Three-Position lock for maximum cash security
* Bell (option)
All rights concerning this cash drawer design are reserved by the copyright / patent holder. Any unauthorized reproduction, copying is strictly prohibited by law.

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